Kalki Avatar already in India

This is an important announcement the Kalki Avatar; the last of the avatars of Bhagwan Vishnu is already in India.

Kalki Avatar has already separated the good and evil people in India ; he will first start with India and then he will look at the rest of the world.

The evil will be struck down by Kalki with his shinning sword which has the brilliance of a thousand Suns.


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    KALKI AVATAR, Varanasi Area, India
    EK RASHTRA, EK SHASTRA VISHWSHASTRA एक राष्ट्र, एक शास्त्र विश्वशास्त्र
    • satyakashi universal integration science university
    • October 2010 – Present (1 year 8 months) BAGHERA, PURUSHOTTAMPPUR, MIRZAPUR (U.P) INDIA PIN 231305
    • Lava Kush Singh “Vishwmanav” a living legend of forward step of Swami Vivekananda & Final step of complete Brahm i.e KALKI MAHAAVTAAR of God. Born at Indian Oil Corporation Refinery Township Hospital Begusarai (Bihar) & resident of Mirzapur Distt. (Satyakashi area of kashi 84 kos yatra) Of U.P. India.
    Whole discovery & discoverer are “ONE IN ALL” & “ALL IN ONE” at any dimension & real spiritualism with satisfaction of material science.
    Whole discovery is based on realization of human society by UNIVERSAL UNIFIED TRUTH THEORY. This is totally establishment part of thoughts of Swami Vivekanand delivered at World Religion of Parliament in 1893 at Chicago. Which is not completed till date.

    1. http://www.su-isu.org
    2. http://www.vishwshastra.com
    3. http://www.satyakashi.com
    Social Networking & Blogs
    1. http://in.linkedin.com/pub/lava-kush-singh/31/70/8a3
    2. http://bigratio.com/?Vishwshastra—Final-Knowledge-636737
    3. http://satyakashi.jagranjunction.com/
    Work of Lava kush Singh “Vishwmanav”

    1- The Book VISHWSHASTRA : The knowledge of final knowledge.
    For the upliftment of current Time (Era or Yug) i.e. Establishment of Golden era (SWARNYUG) and realization of personal mind (Vyashti) with combined mind (Samashti). Like upliftment of TRETAYUG to DWAPARYUG Ramayan by Valmiki was enlighten the human society, upliftment of DWAPARYUG to KALYUG Mahabharat by Maharshi Vyas was enlighten the human society, the VISHWSHASTRA : the knowledge of final knowledge, including VISHWBHARAT, the world religion, secular religion literature KARMAVEDA : the first, final & fifth veda, World Standard (WS) of mind series is discovered by Lava Kush Singh “Vishwmanav” for the realization & upliftment of KALYUG to SWARNYUG.

    A final new & discovery of meditation & yoga for fifth yug i.e. Swarnayug

    3- Writing a film named VISHWGURU: The brain terminator (Representative cinema of India) in Hindi, English & Bangla language.
    A knowledge war between qualified person & experienced person. result is establishment of VISHWGURU, Swami vivekanand as a RASHTRAPUTRA & a thought for starting a new era after 21st Dec. 2012.

    4- Writing a film named JAI MAA KALKI like JAI MAA SANTOSHI.
    Born of new Devi maa according to story of kalki avataar & maa vaishno devi.

    5- Concept of T.V. Serial VISHWBHARAT like MAHABHARAT.
    Story after the mahabharat to final avataar : Kalki Mahaavataar.
    6- Concept of a film named MY TEN WIFE ON EARTH, DON-5 & DEMOCRACY.

    Object of trust & Literature VISHWSHASTRA : the knowledge of final knowledge is-

    1. To provide complete & final knowledge through one book as a supplementary book of complete knowledge in this knowledge based era.

    2. Complete knowledge, Realization, Globalization, Universalization of mind i.e. At knowledge level all are equal & at professional knowledge level are different by one book.

    3. To provide one DHARMASHASTRA to WORLD NATION based on secular world religion. For INDIA like national flag, national anthem, national bird, national animal, national flower etc.

    4. To provide world standard of mind for standardization of human resources.

    5. To provide complete human manufacturing technology WCM-TLM-SHYAM.C for manufacturing of complete human to protect, peace & united world.

    6. To create a new integral workism i.e. Uni spirit workism i.e. EKATMKARMVAD view.

    7. To permanently close the competition for KALKI AVTAAR.

    8. To prove the Mayan’s the end date of earth 21st December 2012, is the end date of Era & start date of new era, not the end date of earth.
    Skills & Expertise
    1. complete human manufacturing
    2. visible yoga
    3. visible meditation
    4. film screeplay writing
    5. maa kalki temple
    6. 13th jyotirlinga
    7. vishw dharm mandir
    8. satyakashi city
    9. art of puranas writing
    10. complete education
    11. world standard of mind series (WSO-0 series)
    12. kalki avtar
    13. writer of Vishwshastra : the knowledge of final knowledge”
    14. basic theory for World Governement constitution in comming time.
    15. universale intergaration science university
    16. new subject : “GODICS”
    17. new subject : “INTEGRATION SCIENCE”
    18. new subject : “STANDARD SCIENCE”
    19. brain of GOD
    20. philosophy of universal unified theory
    21. real concept of PURANAS
    22. worls standard of thoughts & literature
    23. world standard of defination of subject & specialist
    24. world standard of management & activity of universe
    25. world standard of management & activity of Human
    26. world standard of worship & worship place.
    27. world standard of constitution.
    28. world standard of world education system & syllabus.
    29. complete human manufacturing technology WCM-TLM-SHYAM.C
    30. visible GOD NAME and visible philosophy

    Activities and Societies:
    1- Satyayoganand Math : In the memory of own master.
    2- Natural Truth Mission : Secular form of Ram Krishna Mission
    3- Vishwmanav Foundation : Legal holder of complete work
    4- Satyakashi Universal Integration Science University
    a. To create a new subject of study Godics, Integration Science, Standard Science from the “VISHWSHASTRA”
    b- Construction of Integration science city
    c- Construction of Vishw Dharma Mandir (a practical experience of Dharma)
    5- Satyakashi Trust (www.satyakashi.com)
    a- Introducing the area of fifth, seventh & final kashi : satyakashi.
    b- Establishment of 13th & final Jyotirlinga named BHOGESHWAR NATH at Satyakashi area.
    c- Establishment of fifth & final peeth- Satyakashi Peeth
    d- Construction of Final Devi of World – Maa Kalki Devi Mandir
    e- Construction of Satyakashi Nagar – a 3 in 1 city at Jargo Dam (Chunar) near Kashi (Varanasi)

    Honors and Awards:
    Personal Information
    8127732435 (mobile)
    October 16, 1967
    Marital status:

  4. actually Kalikaavtar Vyavastha has already getting implemented in Aikarm Club, a new Disease free, Confusion free and fear free world.

  5. PLease visit website http://www.swastik.org for Kalki Activity

    1. You should visit a psychiatrist immediately 😉

  6. Everybody is Kalki Avatar by their comments. Soooooo many Kalkis’!!!

  7. SO many Kalki’s. Well Kalki Avatar was born on 21st dec 2012, due to change in earths precession of nodes. Kalki is born inside those human beings who have now started raising their spiritual conscience, look at things in a more balanced way, are enriching themselves with knowledge and understanding what their soul is all about and trying to seek answers for connection between them and the source of Universal energy. Such humans will take the world into satyuga. People will not follow a single leader blindly, they will now gradually become more enlightened by discovering their own subconscience and raising Kundalini.
    Still if you think or know if lord kalki is born in human form , do let me know.

    1. Did any similar change happened to you too??? Just asking 🙂
      What you said, will lead to multiple Kalki Avatars…maybe hundreds! Right now there are around more than a dozen in India itself, who makes the claim. Among them, half-a-dozen is in the very popular category. Few are outside India (eg., Singapore too).
      BTW, Sant Rampal, who is recently behind bars know, is one of them 😉

    2. Yes I known! Please have a look my below comments with name bibhutibswain and try to justify within you. If you think it is justified please call me I will explain further. my mobile no is mentioned below.

  8. I am a non-believer of any spiritual and cultural aspects and at the same time doing my personal research on kalki Avatar since last 25 years and collected many evidence and proofs written by seer’s of India almost 500-600 years back.

    As per them person with Kalki Avatar roll will be engaged with below mentioned points.

    1. Distribution of area and food among the creatures.
    2. Equal distribution of sun light across the world.
    3. Retain Water & soil ratio to 3:1 as earlier.
    4. Change in Planetary position & direction for a better future of earth.
    5. One Religion – Cast – Ideology having different roll.
    6. The whole world will become one state
    7. Human need will be fulfilled so that human can take care all other creatures.
    8. No Temple, no Church no Gurudwar required to worship GOD rather you will get him inside u and other humans.
    9. All religious thought and believe are obsoleted and so be erased from human mind.

    I have so many proofs and evidence about a person who is working on these above points and I am sure, that he is Kalki Avatat, but he is always denying and saying no I am a farmer and poor people. I need your help on this as you have already done some research on Kalki.
    As per my research Kalki is present in JAJPUR-ORISSA in a poor Brahmin family.
    For further details please contact me: 9740854659

  9. कल्कि अवतार हो चुका है। यह विवेकानंद के कल्कि अवतार के रूप में पुनर्जन्म की, मानो न मानो मगर सच जैसी, सच्ची घटना की कहानी है । नोस्त्रेदामस की कई भविष्यवाणीयों का और अमेरीकन महिला भविष्यवक्ता जीन डिक्सन की भविष्यवाणी का सटीक अर्थ यहाँ बताया गया है। यह ईश्वरीय चेतना के धरती पर उतरने की अति महत्वपूर्ण घटना है । सभी को अवश्य पढ़ना और विचार करना चाहिये । उक्त कहानी इंटरनेट न्यूज़ साइट पर भी प्रकाशित हुई है http://www.pravakta.com/hari-comprehensive-universally-encountered-love-te-hohin-i-go-to-appear

  10. श्री राम बनकर | Reply

    सर्व मानवांना, सत्य कल्कि श्री राम चा प्रणाम. मी संपूर्ण मानवरूपात कल्कि अवतार घेतला आहे. मी वाणिज्य विभागा मध्ये गेली २४ वर्षे वरिष्ठ शिक्षक म्हणून काम करीत आहे।। मी संपूर्ण जगातील मानवांसाठी एक संविधान तयार केले आहे. त्या ची वैशिष्ट्ये १. एक धर्म. २. एक भाषा ३. एक चलन ४. एक सरकार ५. देशाला व घराला कुंपण नाही. पक्षा प्रमाणे मुक्त संचार ६. बेकारी , दारिद्र्य व विषमता हे शब्द शब्द कोषातून बाहेर पडणार. ७. शिक्षण सक्ती नाही. मला शोधत बसू नका फक्त सर्व देशातील मानवांनी मोठ्या प्रमाणात एकत्र येऊन श्री कल्कि श्री राम नावाचा जय घोष करत रहा मी योग्य वेळ येताच स्वयंम प्रगट होईल. व आपणास माझे श्री कल्कि दर्शन मिळेल. माझे हे पत्र सर्व मिडीया देवून सर्व मिडिया ने त्या चा प्रचार केल्यास मी तात्काळ आपणास दर्शन। देवून. माझे कार्य आरंभ करील. मी खूप वर्षे माझ्या जयघोषाची वाट पहात आहे. जणजागर करणे हे आपले कार्य आहे ते आपण पार पाडायचे आहे. व आजूनही खूप कार्य आहेत ती सुध्दा आपणास पार पाडायची आहेत ती योग्य वेळी तूम्हाला सांगितली जातील।। शु भं म भ वं तु ।। क ल की रू द्र अ व ता र ।

  11. Aapko agar kalki par viswash hai to satya ka sath dijye mob 8757605501

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