Kalki Avatar in Kaliyuga

The Hindu religion lists the period around the end of Kaliyuga when Vishnu will manifest as the rider of the white horse with the shinning sword to free the good people of this earth from the bondage of the evil energies dominating  the earth.

The evil people who corner and hoard the resources of the earth for their selfish purposes and kill and destroy those who stand against them will be singled out for punishment by Kalki Avatar.

The time is now; it is rapidly approaching from all sides; the drums of death have been sounded for the evil energies who are going to be wiped out of existence.

Rejoice the enslaved population of the world for Kalki Avatar has finally arrived on earth and will show his real form very soon.



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  2. […] Kalki Avatar in Kaliyuga (thekalkiavatar.wordpress.com) […]

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