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Beware of false Kalki Avatars

Beware of false Kalki Avatars. There area a lot of people all over the world claiming to be Kalki Avatar.

the Kalki Avatar id Vishnu is all powerful and magnificent, he will have supernatural powers and have weapons which will make the ones we see look like crackers.

This Avatar will not be living in some Ashram and telling people that he is Kalki Avatar.

A simple glance at him will tell everyone and everyone will know that here is Kalki Avatar.


Kalki Avatar is coming

The 10th Avatar of Vishnu the Kalki Avatar is soon arriving on this planet to free the world from the impending disaster it is facing now.

21st December 2012 is the turning point in the consciousness of humanity. The world and it consciousness will change after 21st December 2012.

Those who don’t change are sure to face disaster, the Bhagawad Gita and the Indian Puranas  have spoken about the Kalki Avatar on numerous occasions. The time has come for the world to take notice of these ancient writings.

Kalki Avatar is coming to free the world from the clutches of the evil it is now. Time alone will heal all wounds and free the oppressed people of the world from the evil on earth.

The Kalki Avatar will take birth in the once great country of India. India is the country which is suffering most and needs the Kalki Avatar.

After the advent of Kalki Avatar the great war of Armageddon will take place. This will change the world forever. It will be war like no other the world has seen or will ever see before.

So watch everyone for the coming of the Kalki Avatar. Vishnu will arrive on a white horse with a sword  the color of shining gold in his hand and will strike down all the evil forces with it.